Silver Star Downgrade and Diner Discussion

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Re: Silver Star Downgrade and Diner Discussion

Postby Gilbert B Norman » Thu Nov 09, 2017 11:00 pm

Hamhock wrote:They'd definitely have to do it by charging after-the-fact; otherwise, adding an additional potential of "attendant swaps out with own store-bought product, pockets cash sale, swaps in commissary product, reports zero sales" is probably not a good idea.

Does this Retired CPA ever concur with Mr. Hamhock's immediate thought posted on the preceeding page!

Hotels are moving away from mini-bars. If you want their treble-priced nibbles you go down to the Lobby and procure such there.

I have had enough occasion at times where I have had to explain to a skeptical Front Desk Attendant that I did not touch their product or if I, or a guest of mine did, it's all there. This happened in Indianapolis where annually I host at a Suite a party for my friends there.

I have even had to explain "it's all there" to a Housekeeper, who's speaking language was other than mine, when removing product to put my own "goodies" in that fridge, but had cleaned the fridge at checkout and replaced the product prior to such. This happened to me at Salzburg where I had gone to the leading "Gebäck Geschäft" in town to get "desserts" while I was there last August.

If there were a communal fridge and microwave, all the potential liability fears Amtrak has over both appliances would be "doubled in Spades".
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Re: Silver Star Downgrade and Diner Discussion

Postby Arborwayfan » Fri Nov 10, 2017 4:30 am

If Amtrak ended up with a bunch of extra diners they could try running some of them on short routes and breakfast and lunch times. Dinner train as transportation. Table is revenue seating, diner works up and down the NEC or some such route, serves continually, and has easy restocking at each end of a relatively short route. I've said something like this before, and it may be that the numbers don't work out for it to make sense, but might be worth a quick study.

Or even take out the kitchens (modular, aren't they, now?), put in a few more tables, and add a car of revenue table seats to some trains. Lots of people like them. I've ridden the Illinois trains with an extra lounge on for the axles, and if hte conductors allow it quite a few people will sit in there and work or play games. Might make sense as specficially reservable seating.
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Re: Silver Star Downgrade and Diner Discussion

Postby Literalman » Sat Nov 11, 2017 6:07 pm

Somewhat off topic: How to Travel With a Salmon by Umberto Eco. While traveling, he bought a salmon. The fridge in his hotel room was stuffed with alcohol, so he removed it to make room for the salmon. Didn't drink it, just took the booze out of the fridge. He got charged for lots of booze, and the next day the fridge had been restocked and it happened again. It could happen in a sleeping car too. :-D
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Re: Silver Star Downgrade and Diner Discussion

Postby mtuandrew » Sat Nov 11, 2017 6:12 pm

Arborwayfan: V-II diners would make great lounges and still be able to serve reasonable par-cooked meals with even half the kitchen space. You could even set them up as a cafe car with zero modifications, just don’t use the appliances.
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