What exactly is a 'Viewliner'?

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Re: What exactly is a 'Viewliner'?

Postby F-line to Dudley via Park » Wed Oct 18, 2017 3:16 pm

JamesRR wrote:Weren't the Viewliners designed solely to accommodate the clearance issues of running on the NE Corridor?

Not "solely". They were intended to be a universal design template for making modular sleepers, diners, lounges, and coaches. The original Budd order of Viewliners was intended to be 500+ new cars and purge every single piece of Heritage equipment still remaining in the East region, and punt the Amfleet 2's to corridor duty so all Eastern LD's ran as 100% V1 sets. Between Budd's collapse and M-K finally picking up the order the coaches had been stripped out and it was strictly the specialty cars: the 50-sleeper base contract, and 227 options to be divvied up between additional sleepers, diners, and lounges. Then none of the options ended up exercised because M-K went bankrupt mid-contract and Amerirail had to be brought in from the bullpen to finish the base order of sleepers and M-K's contract on the Cali Cars.

It's ironic that mid-contract corporate implosion and salvage jobs have ended up being the constant links in the chain cursing the V -name from the original 1987 ordering plan (Budd goes out of business) to the modified 1993 ordering plan (M-K goes bankrupt) to the V2 procurement (CAF goes catatonic for nearly 2 years on deliveries). All of which have nothing to do with the car design or each manufacturer's workmanship, which has been continuously top-notch. The Viewliner name is just hexed at making every vendor who touches it crap the bed for the most random and/or unrelated reasons.

Basically, the Eastern LD fleet we were supposed to have 30 years ago is what we're still waiting for now...and still may not fully get if they walk away from most/all of the 70 contract options for padding out the reserves of each car type. Hell, it's depressing that we're still forced to ooh-and-aah at the rare times the lone Dome car makes a cameo in the East region when Budd was originally supposed to build a whole bunch of V1 lounges with Superliner Sightseer-type wrap-around windows. That configuration was pretty much never spoken of again after the early-90's.
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Re: What exactly is a 'Viewliner'?

Postby Greg Moore » Wed Oct 18, 2017 4:09 pm

Interesting, I always knew about the 100 unit order for Viewliner Sleepers, but wasn't aware that prior to that, they were talking 500+.

That would have been interesting to see.
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