looking to buy a new scanner

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looking to buy a new scanner

Postby bostonrailfan » Sat Apr 14, 2012 5:28 pm

hello everyone, i am currently looking to buy a new scanner. The one i have is a radioshack pro-404. the screen cracked on it about a month ago and it would cost me more to have it fixed then it would be for me to get a new scanner. Does anyone have any ideas on the best scanner to get? i have heard that the vx-150, but i looked it up and it is no longer being made. i do have any idea of what type of scanner i am looking for, the type i am looking for is one that displays the name o the railroad like for here in boston, CSX main line is channel 46 160.800. If anyone can help me out with the best kind of scanner, i would great appreciate it. Thank you
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