An Update

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An Update

Postby WSH » Thu Sep 08, 2011 12:55 pm

I would have posted this on the "What can I expect to hear" thread I started, but for some reason the mods have it locked.

I just wanted to update the forum on my expierence thus far. I had a FM transceiver from my bear hunting days and I recently got a new battery eliminator and found out the frequencies for my area (Charleston, WV). Due to the eliminator I only listen when I'm in the car.

Both CSX and NS run through my town hauling mostly coal and some chemicals.

So far I've only listened to CSX and it's actually been pretty interesting. At first mostly what I heard was train crews checking in with dispatch and from what I can tell they were mostly identifying themselves and getting clearence to head to the next section. I honestly can't tell if they are new crews checking in or old crews checking in with a new dispatcher.

However, over the last weekend things got interesting. With all the storms there was a lot of activity going on. I heard a long conversation regarding a tree that had fell on some parked coal hoppers and was blocking some trackage. There was an issue with some water on the tracks. Finally I heard most of an interesting conversation from a train crew that was stuck at a signal who said they were starving and had next to no fluids on board (I'm assuming they were talking about drinks, not fluid levels on the locomotive) and were doing everything they could to get the dispatcher to get them permission to move about 2 miles uptrack to a yard where they could rest and eat!
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