Best for replacing a vx150 and v8000?

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Best for replacing a vx150 and v8000?

Postby train2 » Sat Apr 04, 2015 11:15 am

For the past few years since the ham movement hit railfanning I have used a Yeasu vx150 and an Icom v8000, Now it it time to replace both radios and I am wondering what the best replacements for both are?

I liked the Vx150, my only complaint was it scanned slow and did not have banks. In scanner days, I banked my channels by geography. Of particular need on any radio: is a speaker mic connection and a standard belt clip. Can stand those swivel things.

Now to the Icom v8000. I was never super happy with this radio. It picked up ok, but I always had to keep the squelch set high to make it pick up more distant. (if I did not it was not better than a uniden base scanner) and as a result it was very "scrathy" picking up a lot of unintelligible transmissions. Over all not a bad radio, just want the replacement to be better and have banks.

Any input appreciated.
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