Buying your first scanner? Read me first!

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Buying your first scanner? Read me first!

Postby Aa3rt » Sat Jul 23, 2005 8:37 pm

There have been a number of threads in this forum asking the same basic question: "What type of scanner should I buy?" These questions are usually posed by newcomers who have just discovered how the use of a scanner can enhance their railfanning forays.

Here is some basic information that should interest and inform anyone who is considering purchasing their first scanner. (Some of us "experienced" heads may learn a thing or two as well.)

There are three major types of scanners:

1. Hand helds (battery powered) that can be carried trackside.

2. Mobile units that are mounted in an automobile and usually run off the vehicle's 12 volt electrical system.

3. Base (or desk top) units that can only use 120VAC (house hold voltage).

Your moderator has at least one of every type of the three mentioned above. I am not endorsing any particular manufacturer. As with automobiles, household appliances or home computers, all have strong or weak points, that some will tolerate while others will not.

Please take a look at the following links, I trust that they will provide some of the information you are looking for:

From RadioEnthusiast.Com, some scanner basics:

From DXing.Com, more information on selecting a scanner:

Radio Shack's very informative "Scanner Basics":

Note: This does not constitute an "endorsement" of Radio Shack by your moderator.

Please look at these links before posting "What type of scanner should I buy?" questions.
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