Active ALCO RS3s?

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Re: Active ALCO RS3s?

Postby deandremouse » Sat Oct 04, 2014 1:46 am

scottychaos wrote:Do you want to include RS3's outside of the USA?
"SuperVia" in Brazil has two operating, 7113 and 7120. ... 45&nseq=17 ... id=3308558


I think those are 7FDL-powered, just FYI. 7113 looks to have the telltale larger stack.


Huh intersting thought, I'm not sure myself

Not clear in the video sounds l
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Re: Active ALCO RS3s?

Postby MEC407 » Sun Oct 05, 2014 11:25 am

Whatever it is, it sounds good!
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Re: Active ALCO RS3s?

Postby CREEPING DEATH » Fri Oct 24, 2014 12:09 pm

Allen Hazen wrote:Creeping Death--
Could you tell us more about this? Re-engining an Alco with a (GE) 7FDL engine sounds as if it should be possible: the GE engine is heavier, but not TOO different in dimensions, and it operates in the same speed range, so ought to be compatible with the original electrical gear (after all, GE used the same GT581 generator on some of its own locomotives that it supplied Alco for RS-3 etc), but to my knowledge it has never been done in North America. (Price may have something to do with that, I suppose.) The nearest I can recall was a re-engining in the opposite direction: NdeM rebuilt at least one GE locomotive (perhaps an ex-SP U33C that they had acquired after it was wrecked in Mexico) with an Alco 251 engine.
I'd be interested in any history or technical details you can provide!

They were rebuilt by GE of Brazil (or others) at one time or another. There was a web site giving some details and differentials, in English, but it wasn't too specific. I'm not sure if they're 8 or 12 cylinders, and never found any data, but the Brazillian U20C uses the 7FDL8 from what I can tell.
Note the much larger than normal stack:
Lots of old Alco in this video:
'Flumitrens' seems to like them.
This site says 7FDL12, but I suspect 7FDL8 due to the horsepower requirement, and the fact that RS3 radiators can't reliably cool much more than the stock 1600 horsepower:

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