GE donates Control Console

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GE donates Control Console

Postby chevy2003 » Wed Feb 25, 2015 1:59 pm

I posted this in the GE Locomotive section earlier -- wasn't sure how many people look at all the different posts/topics on this entire forum. The topic does apply here too.


GE in Erie has just donated to Lake Shore Railway Historical Society for display at Lake Shore Railway Museum a locomotive control console from one of their long-time test labs. Info from a GE contact in the lab:


The control stand came from the building 42 2nd floor test lab and was part of a Dash 7 ‘BrightStar’ simulator/tester.

There is some data on the internet about the BrightStar system being one of the first ‘Microprocessor Based’ locomotive control systems.

The unit as it existed in the lab was basically a fully functional locomotive control system nearly exactly as it would exist on a locomotive, however, the input stimulus came from a very large panel of switches, rheostats and indicators that would allow a test engineer to simulate engine temperature, oil pressure, engine rpm, etc. etc. "

The entire simulator took up about 8 feet by 12 feet of floor space and we really needed the floor space for new projects, think Tier 4, LNG Next Fuel and so on.

=======end quotation==========
Image of control stand and other Lake Shore stuff on Lake Shore's Facebook page:

Lake Shore Railway Museum is 10 miles east of the Erie GE locomotive assembly plant. Lake Shore's locomotive holdings include, U25B nee NYC#2500; 132ton Centercab nee Ford #1006/WAG #1700; CSS&SB #802 Electric (so-called Little Joe), 1950 25tonner, 1939 23ton diesel-elect Boxcab, and Norfolk Southern B32-8 #3563. Lake Shore also has the V-8 Cooper-Bessemer engines from one of the c1950's GE testbed locomotives that ran on the Erie Railroad.
Lake Shore website is


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