Writing a book involving a train - would love some help!

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Writing a book involving a train - would love some help!

Postby TrainNewbie » Mon Aug 25, 2014 11:52 pm

Hello everybody,

As the thread title says, I am currently writing a novel that features a train as an important part of the story. Because it is so important, I want to make sure and get my facts straight. For example, I would love some help on determining what type of train would work in this situation, and I need to make sure that the way I explain it's build would actually make sense. There's only so much help that google can provide before I'm sure I start writing out my facts wrong :) After I get this info, I'll definitely have some other (really stupid, I'm sure) questions for you as well.

What I am looking for - I am hoping to find a train that would have been built sometime around 1880-1900 area. Something that could have been used as both a passenger and a cargo train (although I can change things around to make it a strictly passenger train if need be), and would average around 30 cars or so. These are the most important aspects. I'd love it to be something big and intimidating looking as well, although I suppose that this would probably apply to a lot of trains.

I'm sure there are many other aspects that I am not detailing here, so if anyone has any other questions, please ask me and I will let you know if something is important.

This is for a horror fantasy novel, by the way. And the train is haunted :) But that's really neither here nor there, except to throw out that information to anyone who might care.

Thank you so much for allowing me to ask for this advice, any information would be very much appreciated!
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