Old Gold Special 1928-1929

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Old Gold Special 1928-1929

Postby bingdude » Tue Oct 22, 2013 2:07 pm

I'm posting this in this forum as it seems to be the closest subject. I'm looking for information about a chartered coast-to-coast train that ran in both 1928 and 1929 to advertise Old Gold Cigarettes, and the stars of their radio show at the time, The Paul Whiteman Orchestra. The train started in New York and made stops all the way to Los Angeles both years, crossing many different roads. Apparently the equipment was painted gold and made the entire trip as its own train (extra-- there seems to be no mention of it having been coupled to a regularly scheduled run).

There are newspaper clips and other information of the routes run and the cities where it stopped (one copy of the guidebook handed out to the musicians detailing when and where to be and what to do if you get left behind). But nobody has found a single snap shot of the train itself. Seems kind of strange that with all that hoopla someone didn't take one picture.

Does anybody out there have any? Thanks...
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