Reading & Northern RBM&N activity?

The Reading Blue Mountain and Northern Railroad (reporting mark RBMN) (a.k.a. Reading and Northern Railroad) is a regional railroad operating in eastern Pennsylvania. Website:

Reading & Northern RBM&N activity?

Postby CPSK » Sun Apr 12, 2009 5:57 pm

I haven't been in the Lehigh Gorge for several years now, and thinking of a return trip for a bike ride and maybe some Reading & Northern photos.
Can anyone tell me what the activity on the line between Jim Thorpe & White Haven PA is; What is the best day/time to visit?


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Re: Reading & Northern RBM&N activity?

Postby cr9615 » Tue Apr 14, 2009 6:51 pm

As-of right now, this is what goes through on an average day (in semi order of passage). Not everything runs 7 days a week:

NS H9J (Night) Hazelton-Lehighton Turn
CP 257 or 259 (Night/Very Early Morning) 257-Oak Island-Binghamton 259-Bethlehem-Binghamton
NS H67 (Night/Very Early Morning) Hazelton-Allentown
NS 13T (Night/Morning) Buffalo-Allentown
RBMN PILE (Afternoon) Pittson-Lehighton
RBMN LEPE (Late Afternoon) Lehighton-Penobscot
NS 12T (Late Afternoon/Night) Allentown-Buffalo
NS H69 (Night) Allentown-Hazelton
CP 256 or 258 (Night) 256-Binghamton-Oak Island 258-Binghamton-Bethlehem

The Lehigh Gorge Scenic trips on weekends start in late May as well. In terms of power, H67/69 almost always has 3 SD60s, 12T and 13T usually have junk (D9s, GEVOs, and SD70s), and the CP trains lately have been having a pair of AC4400s or GEVOs. In terms of R&N stuff, PILE/LEPE usually has a solo SD40-2 and the LGSR trains have an SD50 on each end. BTW, the R&N 425 is going to run to Jim Thorpe on May 16th.
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