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Re: RR workwear: Discussed here!

Postby Bigt » Wed Apr 15, 2015 11:09 am

A question.....generally, do the railroads issue work gloves to the train crews, or,
are the crews responsible for obtaining their own? If issued, any particular brand, style,
feature, that seems to be predominate?
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Re: RR workwear: Discussed here!

Postby gp80mac » Sun Jun 21, 2015 8:35 pm

A bit late, but maybe someone can find some use out of this:

In warmer weather, I use an off-brand deer skin glove. Seems to be pretty durable (and are cheap). when they do start to wear out and develop holes - a bit of duct tape will allow some more use out of them if you want. In warm rain, I use some lighter stretchier-mechanic type gloves I got at a bargain store. About the only gloves I can stand to wear wet.

In winter, I use lined Wells-Lamont type gloves found at Home Depot/Lowes. I also have some aluminum glove liners I use in rally cold weather.

Now in cold rain/snow, I wear black rubber-coated chemical gloves, or if it is really cold, I have some lined snowblower-type gloves you can get at Harbor Freight.

Just have to find out what works for you.
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Re: RR workwear: Discussed here!

Postby Marnos » Fri Aug 28, 2015 8:17 pm

Reading though all this and feel compelled to speak-up.

If permitted, get boots with composite toes instead of steel toes. The composite is lighter and doesn't absorb temperature like steel toes do. IE After an extended perioud outside in very cold weather, steel toes get cold and stay cold, its like having an ice block on each boot lol.

There is a product called "K-Guard" that you can use to extend the life of your boots and most good work wear stores carry it ($15-$20 a bottle). Its like a spray on truck liner for your boots and it has bits of Kevlar in it. You apply it to the toe and heel of your boots to keep the leather from wearing away.

As far as water proofing goes, it has never lasted on any boots I've ever owned. Surprisingly, I have found that the best thing to water proof them is to wipe them down with used motor oil. Works better than mink oil or silicon both of which are probably as flamable lol.

Boot driers are AWESOME !! I bought one two years ago and wish I had bought it five years ago lol. There are all kinds out there. Research them, shop around, and you'll easily find a good one at a modest price.

Along with that, you need to get you some good thick white socks. If you haven't worn work boots much before, be warned that until your feet toughen up and your boots get broke in, you will get blisters.

As for brand, all I can tell you for certain is that I own what will likely be my last pair of Redwings. My last two pair have just not held up the way I feel they should, within four months they were pretty well worn out, and I can't afford to spend $200 on boots three times a year. Unsure what I will go with next though.

Ask around, find out where guys usually go to buy boots, usually there is usally a good work wear type store that most of the guys go to and whose staff will treat you right.

If your feet hurt, it really makes life miserable. So for me personally, I spend the extra money for high quality boots and always carry extra socks in my gear.

Hope this helps some people.
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Re: RR workwear: Discussed here!

Postby The RR Authority » Sun Dec 27, 2015 12:28 pm

Bigt wrote:Thanks, you guys are talking about the cotton Kromers that have been a mainstay of
welders and steelworkers for years. I was speaking of the wool version with the pull down
ear cover.....yes, from a bygone era. I know, quit living in the "old days"....modern railroaders
don't take to such nonsense.

And railroaders and the railroads are worse off for it. A proud tradition is hardly nonsense.
The RR Authority
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Re: RR workwear: Discussed here!

Postby deadhead350 » Sun Apr 24, 2016 6:42 pm

Just a little boot waterproofing tip - a lot of those waterproofing type oils can kind of clog up the boot material and make it wear out faster
A better thing is a product called "Snow Seal"
Its more of a type of wax and it lasts longer then some of those other waterproofing things

It comes in a jar or a can but its a little bit of work to get it just right
If you know how to shine shoes you can pretty much get the hang of it
The trick is to get the boots clean with soap and water - let them completely dry then either heat them up with a hair dryer/heat gun or probobly easier to just leave them in a sunny window or whatever on a warm/sunny day then apply the snowseal with a cloth until the boot absorbs it...
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Re: RR workwear: Discussed here!

Postby Newblood » Sat Feb 25, 2017 5:54 pm

Hello everyone. Just joined and was just recently hired at NICTD cleaning the South Shore Train cars. In need of steel toe boots. Price point is not an issue seeing as the company is going to pay for them. I'm looking for something waterproof, and puncture resistant. Preferably with electrical hazard protection. Also needs to be insulated for winter while at least antimicrobial for summer use. I have my eye on a pair of Timberland boots but am definitely open to any suggestions from someone with experience. Thanks so much.
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