Railroad employment background check.

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Railroad employment background check.

Postby dmandavid » Sun Feb 10, 2019 2:42 pm

I recently been applying to a few railroads. Any how back in 2014 I left one job and went to another job and was there for about three weeks and was terminated (They didnt really tell me but I'm guessing due to poor work performance from my adhd and Anxiety I'm not really sure. I did get on meds sometime after I was let go) So after I was terminated I went back to my previous job and been there for about 5 years trying to not make the same mistake again and bounce jobs and get terminated. A few applications when I had to put down my previous jobs I put down I was laid off because I'm nervous to bring it up and Id just like to forget the past.

Now my question is if the railroads were to do a employment background check would they call all the previous employers or just your current one? If they do call all your previous employers do they have to say why you left? A previous supervisor told me that all companies information wise give out is just the dates you worked there, but I read online that companies can pretty much give out any information they want so with that being said can Railroads ask a previous employers anything regarding you working there?

I'm just a little nervous, I just want to forget about that it happened in my past and to regret going to this job. I just want to move on and not let the pass bite me in the butt.
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Re: Railroad employment background check.

Postby Acela150 » Mon Feb 11, 2019 9:00 pm

As far as I know. The only thing that past companies can give prospective employers is date that you worked at the company. Not to say that they may ask about your performance. Which they may or may not give information on.
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