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Background check Bnsf

Postby Witeboy1016 » Sat Jan 20, 2018 11:20 am

So here's the thing, I made through all the medical and now I'm just waiting for background to clear. I'm going in for the intermodal position in Chicago. Online post said 01/29 start date. After clear of medical I received an email stating they needed 2016 W2 for a job I never worked in 2016. I researched and came up that I must have put the wrong year number by one. I emailed them immediately and explained it was a total honest and typo mistake. I uploaded all the pay stubs for that job and hoped for the best. They have yet to answer and the excitement is running low now. Anyone have any tips? I called the person but she said all communications would be through email, she didn't let me explain and said she hadn't had time to check her emails. 2 days ago. I'm starting to apply elsewhere as I feel that they might just withdrawal my app for this small mistake. No email nothing. Oh well.
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Re: Background check Bnsf

Postby Acela150 » Sun Jan 21, 2018 6:24 pm

Don't withdraw your app. For sure don't do that. I would call back and say that you have emailed her or him and they haven't replied to you. One thing I can suggest is emailing the person and getting a receipt so you know when they open it. If you can't get a receipt sign up for Get Notify. It's free and all you do is put at the end of the email address, and the recipient does not see it. It also sends you an email the second they open the email. So you can call them and say you read my email and I have proof.
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