Hiring on in Cicero

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Re: Hiring on in Cicero

Postby Engineer Spike » Wed Nov 20, 2013 2:59 pm

I started working there, when it was still a hump. I don't know if it has changed but they call the jobs every day. Those who do not get a job are extra. The board is called in seniority order. It all depends on how busy things are as to how much you work.

You are not stuck there. if it does not work out, you could bid to any number of other close terminals, like Eola/Aurora, Corwith, Willow Springs, or Joliet. Just do your time in training, then see where your seniority will let you go.

Aurora has locals, road freight, yard, and passenger jobs. The jobs on the Santa Fe side are just local and yard. You might even head west to Galesburg, where there are jobs galore. it is much cheaper to live there too.

Just play your hand. I got out of the yard within a couple of months. I went into passenger in Aurora. When they closed the hump, I got cut. I wintered in Corwith, but soon ended up in the 'Burg. I held higher paying jobs, and my expenses went down too. Here there are yard, local and road jobs.
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