READ ME FIRST: Welcome to the Alaska Railroad Forum

Discussion concerning the Alaska Railroad. The Wiki page is here: and their web-site is here:

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READ ME FIRST: Welcome to the Alaska Railroad Forum

Postby GOLDEN-ARM » Thu Feb 20, 2014 7:39 pm

Welcome to the Alaska Railroad forum on RAILROAD.NET!

- This forum is meant for the discussion of railroad-related topics pertaining to the Alaska Railroad, past and present. Questions of a non-ARR-specifc nature belong in one of our General Discussions.

- The official site for Alaska Railroad can be found here:

- The official FaceBook site for the Alaska Railroad can be found here:

- Any members who wish to reference a current news article from another site are encouraged to summarize the article in their own words, and provide a link back to the original.

- Thread titles may be edited for content and clarity at the Moderator's discretion.

- Offensive or abusive posts from anyone will be removed immediately.

- Any questions or comments about the operation of this forum or the site in general can be addressed to the Moderator of this forum. If you do not get a reasonable answer, then contact one of the Site Administrators.

- Welcome aboard! We look forward to your contributions!

- Note: Any questions regarding the rules, at RR.Net, can be found here! RULES

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