early CNJ caboose colors question

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early CNJ caboose colors question

Postby teeone » Sun Mar 29, 2009 8:05 pm

A friend of mine stated that early CNJ caboose colors were green with gold lettering and herald. Does anyone know if this is true and when they were painted back to standard red colors

Re: early cnj caboose question

Postby GSC » Wed Apr 01, 2009 1:59 pm

The first 8-wheel CNJ cabooses came about in 1902, using rebuilt Southern RR of NJ boxcars. They were built with vertical tongue-and-groove siding. As far as colors, I have also heard that they might have been painted green, before red became a "standard" for visibilty. I also heard they were red at the start. Need to research that.

They were lettered "Central Railroad Of New Jersey" horizontally across the side of the car. The CNJ "Liberty" herald didn't arrive until 1947.

CNJ's very first 8-wheeler is alive and well at the Pine Creek RR at Allaire. #91155 is in regular service. #91245 is in the car barn awaiting restoration.

Why the numbering system started at 91155 is a mystery. The wood cabooses were all in the 91000 series, the steel cars were in the 95000 series.
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