NEW! Jersey Central Facilities Book

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NEW! Jersey Central Facilities Book

Postby CNJ Fan 4evr » Mon Oct 27, 2014 7:21 am

I just got the new Morning Sun Jersey Central Facilities Vol. 1 book. It is done nicely is sometimes hard to follow as it jumps all over the place. It doesn't follow the route from Jersey City to Scranton and E'port to Bay Head in order like the Lackawanna books do. There are some really great overhead shots of Jersey City terminal and the whole area along the river. I was disappointed that it skipped over several areas,or only briefly mentioned them. There is one thing that is annoying. The bold print they use for every station,tower, signal,bridge, or yard gets confusing. They will sometimes mention 3 or 4 places in one paragraph and you have to study the photos to see where it is they are actually talking about. While, in my opinion, not as nice as the Lackawanna Facilities books it is my beloved Jersey Central and no matter what I can't get enough books on it. Waiting for Vol.2 and hoping they cover some of the places they missed in Vol. 1. Also hope they can eventually take us into modern times to show what is happening on the CNJ now like light rail, NJT,NS,CSX,R&N,W&W, BR&W,M&E,etc. and the stations and other structures that are still standing and/or being used for railroad or non-railroad purposes.
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Re: NEW! Jersey Central Facilities Book

Postby red baron » Fri Oct 31, 2014 2:04 pm

I echo those observations.
A lot of amazing photographs, from rare vantage points. However, very confusing layout and while I realize this is Vol 1 and a Vol 2 is planned, I just found it odd that this volume was supposed to reference the "prosperous" era, and while presumptuously Vol 2 will cover the era of decline it just seemed contradictory that many photos in Vol 2 were from the 1970s. Which worked for me since it's my era of interest, just an observation.
Regardless, was worth my money and looking forward to another Volume.
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