L&H Fans - Time to Petition NS on Heritage Units!!

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L&H Fans - Time to Petition NS on Heritage Units!!

Postby jmchitvt » Fri Feb 17, 2012 8:18 pm

Anyone who read TRAINS News Wire for February 17 about NS planning eighteen (18!!) heritage paint jobs - and IS a faithful L&H fan - hopefully is as upset as me.

Four Conrail predecessors are planned, omitting CNJ, and us!!

Lets get on the bandwagon and petition NS to include an L&H heritage unit. WE deserve it!!


PS: Long-time readers of the Anthracite forum will recall Marty Feldner's "what if" L&H scheme on a PA unit.
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Re: L&H Fans - Time to Petition NS on Heritage Units!!

Postby Marty Feldner » Mon Mar 05, 2012 2:34 am

Thanks for the memory kick- I'd about forgotten about that PA. More in a moment...

TRAINS jumped the gun by a couple of weeks- NS made their official announcement on 1 March. There were changes, but still no L&HR (but they're doing Interstate RR- go figure.) In the future- who knows? Here's a link to the press release, with its link to illustrations of the schemes:

http://www.nscorp.com/nscportal/nscorp/ ... itage.html

Interestingly, (if I remember correctly- never a sure bet) the Interstate was one of the roads that looked at buying the L&HR's three 4-8-2's after dieselization; they were only six years old when retired.

I went looking for my PA scheme posting. It was here, from 2004:


Trouble is, somewhere along the way the image was lost (not sure if it was from the re-conrail-ization of the anthracite forums, or the change in site ownership. Anyway, a repost...
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