topo map of Franklin Furnace, 1903

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topo map of Franklin Furnace, 1903

Postby woodsie » Mon Feb 16, 2009 3:40 pm

I found a website that has old topo maps for sale. I was able to get close enough on line to see that the tracks are shown. I may purchase one [for $9.95 and up] just for nostalgia's sake!
quad name = Franklin Furnace NJ quad
The mine hill section went further south in the '50s, to the depression/old open pit mine, into which tailings were dumped.
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Re: topo map of Franklin Furnace, 1903

Postby Marty Feldner » Tue Feb 17, 2009 9:38 pm

1884 and 1903 can be viewed here: ... &series=15

Viewable and downloadable in managable chunks, as opposed to a 5+Mb zip file (glad I didn't have to download that one on dial-up).

Unfortunately, they are only 15', not 7.5' topos, so a lot of the detail isn't there.

Woodsie- do you have the Boyd/Antz Morning Sun book ("L&HR In Color")? Jim Boyd drew a very good map of Franklin and the Mine Hill for it, and there are several good photos (including a nice aerial view).

Also, Paul Miller's "Tracking Down the Lehigh and Hudson" has 18 pages of photos and maps devoted to both Franklin and the Mine Hill.
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