"Captive/Preserved" LV cabooses

Discussion related to the Lehigh Valley Railroad and predecessors for the period 1846-1976. Originally incorporated as the Delaware, Lehigh, Schuylkill and Susquehanna Railroad Company.

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"Captive/Preserved" LV cabooses

Postby caboose9 » Sat Feb 11, 2006 6:25 pm


Anyone wanting a list of "captive/preserved" LV cabooses send me an email request and I'll get one off to you - caboose9 @charter.net.


Postby Lehigh Valley Railroad » Sun Feb 12, 2006 3:58 pm

Im sure you could post it here - many would enjoy it.
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"Captive/Preserved LV caboose locations

Postby caboose9 » Sun Feb 12, 2006 7:59 pm

Perris, CA, LV, as PE 1973, wood, cupola, Orange Empire Railway Museum, 2201 South A Street

Greenwood, ME, LV, wood, cupola, Littlefield Beaches Campground, 13 Litchfield Lane, 875-3290, from South Paris, ME

Sarver, PA, LV, as Cooper Station Restaurant, steel, cupola, Rt. 356

Wheelerville?, PA, LV, wood, no cupola, blt.'14, Hunting Cabin, Gamelands Road, off Rt 154, Sullivan County, FOR SALE

Lake Geneva, WI, LV, 5 cabooses?, End of the Line Vacation Station, 301 East Town Line Road, 800-747-RAIL

Winifrede?, WV, LV, as Winifrede 3, steel, cupola, Enginehouse, where did the ex-C&O wood caboose go to?

Strasburg, PA, LV 2606, wood, cupola, 4 wheel, Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania, 717-687-8628, from Lock Haven, PA

Winslow, NJ, LV 95002, as Southern Railroad of New Jersey 95002, ex-CR 18645, steel, cupola, J. Petaccio, owner

Scranton, PA, LV 95003, no markings, ex-CR 18644, steel, cupola, Steamtown National Historical Site

Titusville, PA, LV 95009, as OVHX 1013, ex-CR 18661, N5G, Caboose Motel, near Oil Creek & Titusville Depot

Sayre, PA, LV 95011, ex-CR 18698, steel, cupola, Municipal Parking Lot

Titusville, PA, LV 95016, as OVHX 1011, ex-CR 18629, N5G, Caboose Motel, near Oil Creek & Titusville Depot

North Creek, NY, LV 95018, as General Electric GEX 80004, built 6/42, Upper Hudson River Railroad

Newark Valley, NY, LV 95019, steel, cupola, Depot, Newark Valley Historical Society

Jim Thorpe?, PA, LV 95023, as CR 18680?, steel, cupola, Bedner Family, owners, Yard, north of Rt. 903 bridge, GOING TO Temple?

Canterbury, CT, LV 95025, as P&W 3001, steel, cupola, Play House, Yarowski Trucking

Norwalk, OH, LV 95026, ex-CR 18628, steel, cupola, Fritz Kuenzel, 2578 Zenobia Road, from Wellington, OH

Winslow, NJ, LV 95032, as CR 18696, Southern Railroad of New Jersey Yard, Rich Jahn, owner

Jamesville, NY, LV 95033, no markings, steel, cupola, Alpha Cement Plant, Central New York Chapter, NRHS, from Syracuse, NY

Port Clinton, PA, LV 95036, as Reading, ex-CR 18621, steel, cupola, Class N5G, Union House Bed & Breakfast, Rt. 61, 610-562-4076

Cressona, PA, LV 95037, as CR 18631, steel, cupola, Bernie Beikirch, owner, from Renovo, PA

North Kingstown, RI, LV 95038, as LV 5038, ex-CR 18624, steel, cupola, Wickford Jct. Plaza, 294-0020, from Seaview RR, North Kingstown

Catawissa, PA, LV 95039, ex-CR 18647, steel, cupola, Class N5G, Catawissa Station, Walter Gosciminski, from Renovo, PA

Mt. Pleasant, NY, LV 95041, ex-CR 18617, steel, cupola, built 1945, Catskill Mountain Railroad, Rt. 28, 914-688-7400

Prineville, OR, LV 95043, as City of Prineville Railway 201, steel, cupola, City of Prineville Yard

Catawissa, PA, LV 95046, as CR 18655, steel, cupola, Class N5G, Catawissa Station, Walter Gosciminski

Canastota, NY, LV 95047, steel, cupola, Hickory Street, from Albrightsville, PA

Hamburg, NY, LV 95050, as CR 18671, steel, built 1937, Western New York Railway Historical Society, Union & Scott Streets

Titusville, PA, LV 95058, as OVHX 1017, ex-CR 18630, N5G, Caboose Motel, near Oil Creek & Titusville Depot

Milan, PA, LV 95065, ex-CR 18642, steel, cupola, built 1937, Lehigh Valley Station

Catawissa, PA, LV 95067, as CR 18627, steel, cupola, Class N5G, Catawissa Station, Walter Gosciminski

Bath, PA, LV 95068, as CR 18615, steel, cupola, Keystone Cement, Rt 512

Winslow, NJ, LV 95070, as CR 18683, built 6/39, Amsterdam Leasing, Southern Railroad of New Jersey Yard

Titusville, PA, LV 95073, as OVHX 1018, ex-CR 18677, N5G, Caboose Motel, near Oil Creek & Titusville Depot

Brooktondale, NY, LV 95074, as CR 18695, Class N5G, steel, cupola, White Church Road

Northumberland, PA, LV 95076, no markings, ex-CR 18654, steel, cupola, Zartman Construction, 3000 Point Twp. Drive/US 11, 570-275-4400

Crestline, OH, LV 95079, ex-CR 18641, steel, cupola, 1869 McNeil at Rt. 61, south side of town

Harmon, NY, LV 95082, as MNCW 402, steel, cupola, work caboose, Metro North Yard

Harmon, NY, LV 95086, as MNCW 405 R MW, steel, cupola, Metro North Yard

Reading, PA, LV 95087, as CR 18693, steel, cupola, Paul Troutman, Berkley Rodd, near 84 Lumber, 926-1138, from Topton, PA

Cedarville, OH, LV 95088, as CR 18649, steel, cupola, Class N5G, 21 Miller Street

Milan, PA, LV 95096, ex-CR 18681, steel, cupola, Lehigh Valley Station

Avis, PA LV 95097, as CR 18690, Lycoming Valley Railroad Yard, 570-327-0711, from Renovo, PA, FOR SALE?

West Portal, NJ, LV 95099, ex-CR 18669, steel, cupola, Bill Savaki, owner, near Spain Inn Restaurant, 1043 Hwy. 173

Canton, OH, LV 950??, steel, cupola, Red Eagle CB Shop, Gullivers Truck Stop, I-77, exit 101, from Barberton, OH

Manchester, NY, LV 95100, as CR 18632, steel, cupola, built 2/41, Class N5G, old School, Rt. 21, from Avis, PA, GOING TO new Mall?

Dryden, NY, LV 95105, no markings, ex-D&H 35801, steel, cupola, Hiking Trail, Rt. 13, north side of town, from D&H, Oneonta, NY

Ringoes, NJ, LV 95106, ex-CR 18687, built Sayre, PA, 1945, Black River & Western Railroad, CR 579

Sunderland, VT, LV 95109, as D&H 35802, steel, cupola, built 1945, D. J. Cully, Rt. 7A, DJCully@vermontel.com

Stearns, KY, LV 95110, as Big South Fork Scenic Railway CAB 1, ex-CRI&P 17600, steel, cupola, built 1945, BSFSRy, 800-462-5664

Turner Falls?, OK, LV 95111, as CRI&P 17601, steel, cupola, built 9/45, Deer Creek area?, Hwy. 77?, north of town?, CAN'T FIND!

Las Vegas, NV, LV 95112?, as The Summit, steel, cupola, ex-CR 18601?, 6990 West Rome Boulevard & North Rio Vista Street

Groton, NY, LV 95113, ex-CR 18667, steel, cupola, Ice Cream Stand, from Hobby Shop, Sayre, PA

Stony Ridge, OH, LV 95114, as fake NYC 45040 - 1 side, ex-DTSL 127/TT 90/C&O 903326, steel, cupola, Dave Schober, 5110 Libbey Road

Leesport, PA, LV 95116, as P&S 196, steel, cupola, Reading Technical & Historical Society, from David Gamble, Cressona, PA

Mahoningtown, PA, LV 95117, ex-DTLS 128/LEF&C 11, steel, cupola, Downington Park, Rt. 18, from Greenville, PA?

Middletown, PA, LV 95123, as Chesapeake RR?, ex-CR 18626, steel, cupola, Middletown&Hummelstown RR, from Clayton, DE & Gettysburg, PA

Titusville, PA, LV 95124, as OVHX 1012, ex-PC 18404/CR 18610, N5G, Caboose Motel, near Oil Creek & Titusville Depot

Perkaise, PA, LV 95127, as CR 18602, ex-PC 18405, steel, cupola, built 4/46, William Warner, 1244 Broad Street, from Avis, PA

Cazenovia, NY, LV 95128, no markings, ex-CR?, steel, cupola, built 1946, Gisson's Depot Photography, William Street

Bedford, IA, LV 95132, as RI 17604, steel, cupola, built 5/46, Taylor County Historical Museum, Hwy. 2, 712-523-2041

Tunkhannock, PA, LV 95133, as CR 18672, ex-PC 18422, Class N5G, built 1946, Riverside Park

Urbana?, IA, LV 95135, as RI 17605, steel, cupola, built 5/46, Trax Diner, near I-380, NEVER HERE?

Brookville?, PA, LV 95136, as P&S 197, Pittsburg & Shawmut Railroad, 412-543-2121, GOING TO?

Pharsalia, NY, LV 95137?, as CR 18652?, LOCATION?

Axemann, PA, LV 95139, as P&S 195, steel, cupola, LOCATION?, Bob Hines, 814-355-0899, from Brookville & Dale Summit, PA

Wysox, PA, LV 95271, wood, no cupola, no trucks, Rt. 6

Bath, NY, LV 96409?, no markings, wood, cupola, side door, Rt. 415, Lake Salubria, 1 mile east of town, with coach
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Postby EDM5970 » Sat Feb 25, 2006 11:42 pm

LV 95070 is for sale in South Jersey. Contact me for details-
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Surviving LV Cabooses

Postby caboose9 » Mon Mar 20, 2006 5:16 pm


One result I had hoped would occur from the posting of the LV surviving cabooses list was the receipt of additions, corrections, and updates to the listing.

Alas, this has not occurred, so I'll ask a question or 2:

Anyone near Sarver, PA, who could ask at the Cooper Station Restaurant, Rt. 356, to see if they have photos of this caboose before repainting and, if not, if they would let you inside to look for numbers?

Is LV 95136/P&S 197 still in Brookville, PA? If not, where did it go?

Thanks for any help you can give on these 2 hacks!

Cheers, Roger

Postby Lehighrrgreg » Wed Mar 22, 2006 10:59 am


The only LV caboose I am aware of that is not on the list is an ancient wooden caboose I recently located in the woods in a town within northeastern PA...somewhere :wink: Its actually in good shape and am working with the owner to purchase it. Its difficult to get to and I havent spent much time near it. Its pre 95 series numbering. Once I discover its number Ill report it and once I am officially the owner, Ill say where it is :-D

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Postby BR&P » Wed Aug 09, 2006 9:55 pm

There have been several threads about LV cabooses. One of them, which I can't find, had questions about 2 cabs at East Satauket NY. I don't recall whether all the details were developed. "Dining Car 1890" was the restaurant in that town. I just happened to look through the May 1975 issue of RAILROAD magazine. Pages 20 and 21 have photos of the restaurant (OK, page 20 is primarily a photo of the legs on a gal AT the restaurant) but they DO show an exterior shot of the cabs. No numbers are visible nor are they identified in the text, but both had the round "porthole" windows in the ends which should help narrow it down. If they have previously been identified elsewhere, sorry for the duplication.
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Re: "Captive/Preserved" LV cabooses

Postby clifford1 » Sat Apr 11, 2009 9:20 am

Greg - any news on your caboose? I am curious if your caboose is the same one I have been looking for info about!

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