LV C430s?

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Re: LV C430s?

Postby lvrr325 » Mon Feb 08, 2016 2:15 pm

The tall, thin lettering first appeared on the C420s of 1964. From Alco, who likely would have recycled either that artwork/stencil set for the C430s, or they would have come in Snowbird black and white. Or they'd have invented still another new scheme. Bowser's art isn't quite right, the V and A look funny, but it's much better than the small lettering and gives them a fleet appearance mixed in with other LV red engines. (It may be specific to C628s as repainted by LV after 1972, I don't know).

The only units to get small roman lettering on tuscan paint were units painted by the LV themselves. It was just a recycle of the stencil set for the lettering on red units with multiple black stripes.

But then that's what the whole point of my starting this thread was, was to point out how unlikely it was that LV units painted by the factory would have that tiny roman lettering on them.

It's a moot point at this point, because the engines have long since been produced and sold. At last check I could still get some from my wholesaler.

Not only that, but they're doing a bunch of fantasy schemes on the C636 in an upcoming run - including Lehigh Valley in this same tuscan scheme with tall yellow lettering.
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Re: LV C430s?

Postby SALSDP35 » Mon Jan 22, 2018 9:31 am

scottychaos wrote:
PEIR wrote:I was looking at these units and was wondering with the state the LV was in would they of not opted to stick with the standard trucks over the HI-Ad's?

If these LV C430's had been built, they probably would have been the very last 4-axle Centurys from Schenectady.
The real C430's were built July 1966 to February 1968, and this proposed LV order is said to be
from July 1968..The two Reading units were built in 1966, the first year of production..all the rest were built after them,
and all the rest had Hi-Ad trucks..(only 16 total C430's built)

So the Reading units were the first, (only two RDG C430's, both with "standard" trucks)
Then the rest of the C430's (fourteen more units) all had Hi-ad trucks, built 1967 and 1968.
Then the LV units would have been the very last C430's..


Not sure they would have been the last. The GBW had one more on order, PC had an order for 15 and the RI had an order for 10. The LV C430 was in the proposal phase. Since the LV did not go on to place an order for anything until 1970 (the later canceled GP38(DC) that ended up going to PC), I am not sure how far any of this ended up going. It is fun to speculate!
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