Discussion related to the Lehigh Valley Railroad and predecessors for the period 1846-1976. Originally incorporated as the Delaware, Lehigh, Schuylkill and Susquehanna Railroad Company.

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Postby GP40MC1118 » Fri May 03, 2013 8:20 pm

A friend of mine is loosely modeling the LV(early CR era) from Athens to Pittston.
We were out there last Saturday & Sunday looking around trying to get a better
fell for the former Masonite plant and Osram-Sylvania.

Anyone have any pictures or a link showing what Towanda Wholesale's building
looked like?

Or what Ingersall-Rand, National Supply in Athens looked like?

Is the line to Monroeton actually active anymore?


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Re: Towanda

Postby umtrr-author » Sat May 04, 2013 6:44 am

It looks like Historic Aerials has Towanda back to 1952, which might help a bit.
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Re: Towanda

Postby lvrr325 » Fri May 31, 2013 10:26 am

Reading & Northern bought out the TM-SL a while back I think expecting to see some traffic from the fracking boom.
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Re: Towanda

Postby scottychaos » Fri May 31, 2013 2:15 pm

A book with excellent vintage LV Towanda (and Sayre) photos is:

Trackside around Sayre-Towanda-Waverly with Lloyd Hall.

available from:
One of my favorite railroad books! its excellent..

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Re: Towanda

Postby GP40MC1118 » Mon Jun 03, 2013 1:18 pm


Thanks...I'll tell my friend about it....

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Re: Towanda

Postby wis bang » Thu Aug 01, 2013 4:50 pm a link to old aerial photos of PA
Grandson of a LV Conductor & I remember the EL running behind the Univ. of Scranton [class of 76]
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