PR-2/East Providence Secondary

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PR-2/East Providence Secondary

Postby MWheeler74 » Thu Aug 18, 2011 8:15 pm

Hi all,

I'm looking to railfan in Pawtucket within the next week or so, particularly the East Providence branch from Valley Falls through Pawtucket and so forth. I know PR-2 was listed as running at 8:30 am, is this from the main Pawtucket yard? Also, what are the active industries served on the branch? I know of State Line, Teknor-Apex, Quebecor, United, Key Container, Atlantic Plywood, and the construction debris place. Are they still running M-F?

Thanks for the info in advance!!

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Re: PR-2/East Providence Secondary

Postby 161pw165 » Thu Aug 18, 2011 9:51 pm

Hi MW,

PR-2 does run M-F, but your success in caching it on a given day depends on how far onto the E-P branch you'd like to "fan". A scanner is a definite plus to determine where they are going each day, as sometimes they do fill-in work for jobs that have run out of hours (PRWO,WOPR, WODA, DAWO). They've also done PR-3's work if that job is filling in too. In general, PR-2 will tend to work up to Woonsocket as necessary early on its shift and then head onto the E-P branch. State Line just outside the Valley Yard is pretty much a given as well as down the old Industrial Hwy. as far as Pond View Recycling. Used to be they'd do a Tuesday and Thursday run up the old East Junction branch to switch Homestead Bakery (rare) and Metals USA (more likely). Again, it all depends on what WOPR brings down the night before. If you Google, you'll find some sources of "real-time" info on the P&W. Good luck w/ the railfanning and watch your speed if going thru Pawtucket and E-P.
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