Valley Line Revival by the P&W?

Topics relating to the operation of the P&W Railroad, which is a subsidiary of Genesee and Wyoming. Regional freight railroad based in Worcester and operating in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut and New York.
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Re: Valley Line Revival by the P&W?

Postby FLRailFan1 » Fri May 23, 2014 10:10 pm

bobbarbn wrote:Just a note......Dividend is IN Rocky Hill...not south of it. You don't leave Rocky Hill until you round the corner south of the former Belamose plant (former Pratt & Whitney).

It's a minor point..but still verifies what I said...there is no runaround track between Rocky Hill and Middletown. There used to be a 1500'+ runaround in Cromwell years ago, just north of the Rte. 99 crossing where the NH used to run around their train to serve the Cromwell freight station/hardware store.....but that had long since vanished.

Do you know bobbarbn (if you are still around) what Belamose made?
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