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Re: Future of U.S. Rail

Postby SRich » Mon May 30, 2016 12:16 pm

Engineer Spike wrote:The US only got into the railroad business where it was in an unsolvable failure. Amtrak picked up passenger service, when the private industry was loosing out, due to the improved roads, and airlines.

You can argue that even roads are government subsidized. They are for the common good. How far do we take this? Do we maintain a line like the Armory, which only benefits a few?

So, the primary reason why passengers transport by rail (Except the NEC) is losing money, is that roads/fuel/airplanes are heavy subsidized by Government ore company's. Now has US a problem that the roads are in state of beyond good repair, but i am sure if the car and airplane are losing there extra free money, Amtrak isn't losing any money one train routes.
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