Auburn area railfanning/research

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Auburn area railfanning/research

Post by Amtrak207 » Wed Oct 26, 2011 11:44 am

Hello everyone from the East Coast!

I have lately been finding myself in the Seattle area almost every other month now (for work) and to see family. In this time, I have noticed the great railfanning opportunities in the Auburn area (family is in Sumner). This is all new terrirory for me. So please bear in mind my "PNW newbie-ism"....

I noticed a big intermodal yard for BNSF next to Boeing Field along I-5... does UP serve this too? I assume this is on the BNSF Seattle Subdivision.
Going through Auburn next to Rt. 167, it seems that a UP mainline (single track) parallels the BNSF Seattle Sub for some distance, before going its own way south. Does this line branch off the BNSF Seattle Sub? (Does UP have their own subdivision line here, traffic density, frequency, types of movements, active at night, all day, etc?)

Along that UP line, I noticed an auto loading/unloading plant near Emerald Downs racetrack, it seems that this line, along with other industries, would be some good switching scenarios. (Any other goodies along this line I should know about?)

Getting back to BNSF, their well manicured line looks fantastic, along with Sounder, Cascades and Amtrak #11 and #14 running through, can make for great modeling.)

Auburn yard seems like a decent size to model, noticed lots of grain cars stored here.. Is this a holding yard for larger yards in Seattle or what?

Just past the yard, there is a wye, what line is that? Is that Stampede Pass? What's the status of that line?

I guess I am still trying to find out how UP fits into this area, as well as where that line goes once it splits off from BNSF (or at least appears to be), I'm assuming trackage rights?

This whole new area gives me options to run steam now (UP 844 and SP 4449) on "model excursions" with the new Walthers UP Executive cars, as well as others.

Any other help or info would be GREATLY appreciated! I certainly need any help or direction someone may provide. I will be back in the area 12/10-12/14, I can't wait!

Tom from NJ

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