Sounder equipment cycles

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Sounder equipment cycles

Post by Supaned » Sun Jun 26, 2011 9:44 am

Hello all,

I'm visiting Seattle this september and am looking to railfan Sounder , and I have a few questions which I'm hoping can be answered.

I note that Sounder has 11 F59PHI locomotives and 2 routes from Seattle (1 to Tacoma and 1 to Everett).

My questions concern the equipment cycles of the trains.

From the Tacoma Timetable I can see that there are a couple of train services that run opposite to the main flow of traffic , presumably as a revenue move rather than deadhead , and I am guessing that these trains then form another Tacoma service when they get back to Seattle.

By my working out , there should be 6 locomotives in use on the Tacoma service , and 4 on the Everett Service leaving one on maintenance - is this correct?

secondly, do the services from Everett carry on beyond Seattle to Tacoma, changing reporting number at Seattle? The 0640 arrival from Everett looks as though it could carry on as the 0650 to Tacoma.

If anybody has the actual cycles ie train 1 works 2 works 4 works 6 then that would be most appreciated , if not any observations are welcome>

Thanks in advance


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