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Joe Metro

Postby Vincent » Thu Mar 05, 2009 2:25 pm

Not much activity in this forum lately, so I thought I'd post this video "Joe Metro" by the Seattle band Blues Scholars. The title "Joe Metro" refers to local slang for Metro Transit. If someone says they're going to "take Joe", that means they're going to ride a bus. Most of the vid is shot within a few blocks of King Street Station in downtown Seattle and Pioneer Square--the neighborhoods you'll see first if you arrive in Seattle via Amtrak. The Rizal bridge that you'll see several times is just a few blocks from my house. You'll also get glimpses of local light rail construction projects, Sounder locomotives, the Seattle Monorail and some of Joe's trolley buses, standard diesels and the articulated hybrid diesel electrics.

There are a couple of bad words in the video, so the easily offended might want to play the clip with the sound off, but the photography is very beautiful and it shows the side of Seattle that usually doesn't make it onto the postcards. But railfans usually don't want to see the postcard shots anyway.
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