Railroad museums in Oregon?

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Re: Railroad museums in Oregon?

Post by chuchubob » Sat Sep 18, 2010 11:20 am

Oregon Electric Railway Museum, Sept 4, 2010
Sydney open car

MUNI PCC 1159 and 1118
1903 GE freight motor
Oporto "Brill" 210
Blackpool double decker
Boeing LRV 1213 operator's console
Boeing LRV at the end of the line

GE 25-ton freight motor

Espee flanger

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Re: Railroad museums in Oregon?

Post by wigwagfan » Sat Sep 18, 2010 8:08 pm

They sure pulled everything out - wish they'd do that for the Steam-Up!!

The museum grounds now also houses a Jordan Spreader, an operable ex-SP steam crane and a former Portland Terminal Railroad Alco S-2 located just northwest of the trolley barn. The trolley group has started construction of their museum/office building (to be a replica of a SP depot), and the former Brooks depot is also on the site (used for the Brooks Historical Society).

The various Portland groups are planning their museum to be located just east of OMSI at the junction of the UP mainline and the Oregon Pacific Railroad, along with the future Milwaukie MAX and the Eastside Streetcar Loop lines. It appears though, all of the previous museum proposals involved saving and relocating the Brooklyn Roundhouse, but I heard last week that the roundhouse will simply be razed. The turntable will likely be saved. That museum is still many years away...
Erik Halstead - Portland, Oregon

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