Seeking info on Pacific Car & Foundry creations

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Seeking info on Pacific Car & Foundry creations

Postby n2qhvRMLI » Sun Mar 08, 2015 3:59 pm

Gentle Forum Members,

The Railroad Museum of Long Island is looking at a 40' insulated boxcar located in Pennsylvania for acquisition. Upon close inspection it appears to be a 1960 product of the Pacific Car & Foundry, (PACCAR), of Seattle, Washington. May I call upon the knowledge base of the Pacific Northwest Forum for any information you may have about this car? Your assistance is appreciated.

Know that I have sent a letter to PACCAR to see if they hold any data in their archives about the car. Sadly, knowing the changes and losses that occur as a corporation creates and morphs to new heights, one is never sure what old information remains :-( I will happily share anything that comes from PACCAR with the Forum and I thank you in advance for any knowledge you may share :-)

Don Fisher, President

Railroad Museum of Long Island




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