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Re: Railroad Tycoon

Postby atsf sp » Thu Mar 05, 2009 8:45 pm

I was going to buy RT3 a year ago but it wasn't in stores anymore. I have been playing RT2 and it is probably one of my favorite games. Graphics aren't that bad. Just it annoys me when the engine is three car lenghts in front of the consist on a flat run. I have not gotten the maps offline because the computer the game is on (not this computer) does not have internet connection. But I have created a map of my own. How many of you have played the levels where you can buy out companies? When i played once I made one company and basically made it into a short line holding company, buying up all the other low profit lines and making a profit from them. RT2 is a great game.
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Re: Railroad Tycoon

Postby A&BCRR » Wed Jun 27, 2012 1:05 pm

I'm real glad there's a forum for this game. I think I'll start with a troubleshooting question for RRT3 relating to the Coast to Coast expansion: I've downloaded the update, and did the auto-unzip, but no changes occur. Then I opened the files with WinRAR and dragged the files to their proper locations, as well as swapping out the two apps. The changes occurred, but it closes and an error with nothing but a red X pops up. I reswapped the two apps, and everything but the menu is changed, and it doesn't update to 1.05. I need to know how I could update it please.
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