Auran TRS2006 Simulator Questions

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Auran TRS2006 Simulator Questions

Postby lirr42 » Sat Nov 17, 2012 8:03 pm

Hi! I purchased Auran Trainz TRS2006 a wile ago and I play with it from time to time on the train to & from work, but I had a couple questions:
  1. How do you get new items in the Trains Program (specifically rail cars). I know there is some sort of window marketplace type thing, but I have no clue how to use it
  2. Is it possible to transfer things (specifically rail cars) between different Trains programs? For example, on my computer I have TRS2006 and a trains game, that's very similar to the other one in terms of the actual game, but for the Metro-North Harlem line (it has very good renditions of lots of the stations, and especially the M7's, GE Genisis', and Shorleiners (I think it's got ACMU's and SPV's too). I'd love to be able to transfer the rolling stock files to the TRS2006 game, which has a lot more stuff in terms of track and such.
  3. Last, is it possible to share Trainz files online (i.e. someone creates a very good to-scale version of the LIRR with everything and I can just find it someplace online and use it on my computer?
Thanks in advance!
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Re: Auran TRS2006 Simulator Questions

Postby LIRRMEDFORD » Fri Nov 23, 2012 10:39 pm

Both A and C are kind of the same question and can be answered at the same time. Downloadable content for trainz can be found at a place created by auran called the download station and can be found here Downlaod Station. If you have content you would like to share you should upload to the download station as well. Fair warning the download speeds aren't all that great especially during peak times. However they have an item called a first class ticket which you can buy for different set periods of time which will dramatically increase your download speed. Trust me I buy one every now and then when there is a large file I need.

As for question B Trainz content is not backwards compatible so something made in or with trainz 2012 could not be used on versions released earlier. However it is forwards compatible so you could take content from earlier versions and put them in later ones i.e 2004 sets would work in 2006.

Hope this helps with your questions.
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