KCS cabooses

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KCS cabooses

Postby Gregslaton » Tue Feb 26, 2008 9:47 pm

KCS had 42 stainless steel cabooses built during the 60's by Darby Railcar.

http://www.rrpicturearchives.net/showPi ... ?id=770521

These are the known locations of those that still exist:

333 Simmesport, LA on display
334 Salt Lake City, UT Promontory Chapter NRHS
335 Huntsville, AL privately owned
337 DeRidder, LA depot museum on display
340 DeQuincy, LA privately owned
342 Kellogg, TX privately owned
343 Shreveport, LA privately owned
344 Gonzales, LA CofC on display
348 Pineville, LA privately owned
352 last seen scrapyard Kansas City 2002
357 Kirkwood, MO miniature golf course office

Anyone know of any others. Very unique. Hard to mistake for something else.


KCS also had some cabooses that weren't so shiny!

There are three at Musgokee, OK(numbers unknown) that probably came by way of DQ&E/TO&E(wooden, bay window, outside braced). They are used as storage at Klutt's Railroad Equipment, a supplier of track equipment. Klutts is not very responsive. Anyone have contacts there?

Three have gone away without being identified.....anyone ever take a photo of the one that used to be at the Baton Rouge State Fairgrounds(donated by KCS to BR Jaycees)........or the one that became part of Victoria Station in New Orleans(KCS donated it to WYES-TV PBS fundraiser auction in the 70's and restaurant developers got it from there).......there was a wooden bay window cab on the roof of a rail themed restaurant in Shreveport called T.S. Station, last seen down in the parking lot after the restaurant closed, repainted in a tropical looking motif, looking like it was off to serve another purpose somewhere

Dierks Forests purchased several KCS cabooses and a business car for their DeQueen and Eastern/Texas, Oklahoma & Eastern operations(the business car was obtained to use as a fishing cabin on Lake Greeson). Anyone know of any wayward DQ&E/TO&E cabooses that you may not recognize as being KCS?

Postby riffian » Fri Mar 14, 2008 3:32 pm

There's one at the depot in Mena, AR, as well. Haven't been down there in years, so don't know the number.
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Re: KCS cabooses

Postby feuji » Wed Oct 07, 2009 3:39 am

More KCS cabooses list as below:


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