IC information and memories

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IC information and memories

Postby stuart_iowa » Mon Mar 22, 2004 5:30 pm

hope some of the people who are in this group and have the great knowledge in the history of the IC and ICG and other old roads that were folded in the IC now CN group, will come back and educate some of us with some teasers and great information to keep us coming back to the group.

so does any of you live along the now CN line or within sight of the tracks?

I live in Aurelia Iowa, near MP 441 i think it is
use to be able to look out the windows and see the trains go by , now moved and no tracks in site.
So where do you go to watch the IC in action?
fav IC locomotive?
mine is the dash 8-40cw that CN has bought to the IC name.

hope some of the other share their favorites and stuff
hope you all come back and share IC info
I am here back home in Canada
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Postby tsched » Sun May 02, 2004 8:50 am

Hi. I grew up in Mattoon, IL.. junction of the Chicago-New Orleans mainline and the Peoria District. Was a great place to grow up and watch trains. We also had the New York Central (Big Four) running through town at grade, east and west. Sadly, those tracks are gone and my brother told me the other day that the Big Four passenger depot has just been torn down. From what I hear though, the IC passenger station, which is still used by Amtrak, is being restored. Thomas French, who is from Mattoon and has posted here before, sent me a photo a couple years back showing the new roof on te IC station - a good sign that the station will stay. Anyway, I live in the Portland, Oregon area now. TONS of train action here. And on rare occasion, an IC locomotive struts through town, usually on a BNSF train. I should also mention, though most probably know anyway, that the Peoria Division's tracks southeast of Mattoon (threw Toledo, Newton, Olney, etc) are gone. Will chat up the IC anytime. Maybe others will join. Thanks.

Postby max » Fri Aug 20, 2004 11:46 pm

I grew up in Rockford, Il. Took the Land O' Corn and Hawkeye into Chicago on day trips. Later Amtrak's Black Hawk. Can still hear the melodic echoing horn of the early morning "meat train" as it hustled through town. Rockford schools would have field trips for students on IC - to Genoa or Seward. Always thought IC (and Amtrak) should have moved its passenger stop to Alpine Road or Perryville on the southeast side. I think they would have attracted more passengers to-and-from Chicago's loop. Would have cut perceived travel time. Too bad the state doesn't sponsor service now, particularly since it supports service to other cities in the state.

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