Early EMUs

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Early EMUs

Postby 4400Washboard » Tue Mar 04, 2014 11:00 pm

Does anyone have a definitive list of all types of EMUs operated in the NE before the modern commuter RRs were established?

My Qs.:

New York Central ACMU. On nycsubway.org, there was a photo of the EMUs prior to the ACMUs (That or my memory is really bad). What were those?

New Haven 4400 "Washboards": Only evidence I have that ancestors of the "Washboards" existed was a sentence on a shady website. Did any exist?

Reading EMUs: Prior to the Silverliner IIs, I know the Reading operated various EMUs--Does anyone have any information?

DL&W/Erie Lackawanna EMUs: Does anyone have any information. When was the last these cars were used? My dad recalls riding on what he thinks are DL&W EMU trailers or unpowered EMUs (Wicker seats, overhead fans, poor lighting, relatively rough ride). on New Years Day 1984 (At 1 in the morning, 1/1/84). This was on the NJT Morristown Line.

Are there any others I'm leaving out besides the PRR/LIRR MP41/54s and the LIRR MP72/75s?

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