MoPac-Santa Fe Merger Attept

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MoPac-Santa Fe Merger Attept

Postby CPF363 » Fri Feb 05, 2016 7:27 pm

In the early to mid 1960s, the Missouri Pacific was making a significant effort to purchase enough stock to control and ultimately merge with the Santa Fe. The two railroads complemented each other overall that would have resulted largely in an end to end merger with some parallel lines confined to the Midwest. Conditions on the merged system could have been selling the Dallas-El Paso line to Southern Pacific, the Kansas City to Topeka line to the Rock Island and the Kansas City to Pueblo line to the D&RGW. The question is what would have happened to the other western railroads if MoPac-Santa Fe merger was ultimately approved? Would the UP have even more pressure to get their merger with the Rock island approved and could they even look to add the M-K-T to the Rock Island to produce a stronger Mid Western system to compete with MoPac-Santa Fe while also achieving the objective of entering Chicago directly? How would BN, KCS, C&NW and maybe even MILW respond to a MoPac-Santa Fe system? What would the American Western railroad map look like today if the MoPac-Santa Fe was approved? See links below related to this post: ... easibility ... f-santa-fe
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