China: 3000 mi / 5000 km of urban rail

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China: 3000 mi / 5000 km of urban rail

Postby lpetrich » Fri Jan 26, 2018 8:57 am

Chinese urban rail reaches 5000km or 3000 miles
Following a flurry of openings in the final week of the year, a total of 5021.7km of urban rail lines were operational in 34 cities on December 31.

Chinese cities opened 33 new lines totalling 868.9km in 2017, a 62.5% increase compared with 2016, when 534.8km of new lines were completed.

That's roughly the east-west extent of the contiguous United States.

List of metro systems - Wikipedia -- the US has 1289 km / 801 miles, a little over 1/4 as much.
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