Passenger rail build specs?

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Passenger rail build specs?

Postby STrRedWolf » Mon Oct 17, 2016 8:31 pm

So with a recent visit to NYC and The Jane Hotel, which was inspired by the later model Pullman sleeper berths featured in North by Northwest, I thought I could try my hand at a similar berth. I was able to find the PRIIA Section 305 specs for single and bi-level passenger cars... but I have a few dimension questions.

  • Looking at a car from the side, how thick is the transition curtain between one car to another? Do both ends have said curtain, or only one end?
  • Also looking from the side, how long is the distance between the car end (assuming square end) and the vestuble door?
  • How thick are the outer walls? Right now, I'm guessing 4 inches, but I bet they're thicker.
I ride the (MTA Maryland) Penn Line (between Odenton and Baltimore). I used to work for MTA Maryland's IT department, and out of professional courtesy my responses may be limited. Wikimapia is wonderful (for track/interlocking locations)!
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