Colebrookdale Spur

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Colebrookdale Spur

Postby Jeff Smith » Wed Feb 10, 2016 7:38 pm

Site Admin Note:

I have moved the former topic from this forum and "vaulted" it if for some reason it becomes an area of future dispute. The vault is a place I can stash things that no one else can see; it's MAGIC! The topic came to my attention for reported posts, for which I am thankful to the reporting member.

I am not familiar with this road, nor the personalities involved. Apparently there are some issues and controversial figures involved. (/end massive understatement).

These forums are not the place to resolve personal issues. I've said it multiple times across the boards here; topics on operations like this are the bane of my existence. Someone's always trying to settle a score, tell their side, he said/she said, has a better way to do it, etc. And then allegations get posted, and I am in no position to judge them, and under no obligation to provide a forum for their airing, but I'll be the one threatened.

I won't go into detail about the issues here; it's not my place. I hear extemporaneous accounts from people, some of whom I even trust LOL. But I do ask that if you observe such shenanigans in threads, please use the report function, rather than carry on.

So now you have a forum to discuss the operation; please moving forward limit it to that, and not to allegations I can't confirm. Thanks!

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