R&N's New Nesquehoning Bridge

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Re: R&N's New Nesquehoning Bridge

Postby Ken W2KB » Tue Jun 07, 2016 9:20 pm

The eastern roads are licking their chops for the huge jump in traffic they will receive when in the near future the Panama Canal expansion project is complete, allowing more and much larger container ships to travel across the Pacific to eastern ports for rail connections, replacing the more expensive transcontinental rail shipments from western ports. I suspect the expectation is that this bridge and route will garner a percentage of that new traffic.
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Re: R&N's New Nesquehoning Bridge

Postby pumpers » Fri Jun 10, 2016 2:22 pm

I still don't get it. Any NY port traffic that NS would want to run to the Scranton area via RN would go north at Allentown and go up the Lehigh Gorge as the existing traffic. The new bridge is only helps if you want to go from the Reading NS connection up through the Lehigh Gorge. (Although not exact, the relevant parts of the RN system look like at upside down Y, with the Scranton area near the top, Jim Thorpe/Nesquehoning at the junction, and Allentown and Reading at the bottom points. The new bridge is to directly connect Reading and the Scranton area without having to do a reverse move at Jim THorpe/Nesquehoning to use the existing bridge.). If you are on NS at Harrisburg and want to go to the Scranton area, I think it is shorter and less grade to go the whole way on the NS/D&H along the Susqhehanna River than going back to Reading and then the RN. If there were a big boom in PHiladelphia port traffic, destined to go to Scranton, the new bridge would be useful to go via Reading (a reverse move at Allentown to go via the exisiting bridge via Allentown is required.) Will Philly get that much of a jump in port traffic? Jim S
One question: is the RN from Reading to the new bridge cleared for all double stacks??
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