New Passenger Rail in Scranton?

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Re: New Passenger Rail in Scranton?

Postby SemperFidelis » Sat Jan 04, 2014 8:11 pm

Well, my first observation is that they need to spend a little bit of polishing the website (heck a few minute's time simply spell checking would help) to make it appear a little more professional. I can't find any information on the company aside from that website. No one at the Chamber of Commerce knows anything about it, either.

In my opinion, I'd imagine the website will quickly fail to be updated and will simply turn into one of those web-curiosities that we never learn the full story behind. The site seems to promote hydrogen powered railroad equipment on the one hand while at the same time making odd political statements about European-styled collective thought and how such a mindset translates positively into support for mass transit.

Like I said, they need to polish the site a bit so people know what it is they're attempting to do.

Best of luck to them, though.
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