Antique Photograph Steam Locomotive Indentification help

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Antique Photograph Steam Locomotive Indentification help

Postby Nile » Mon Apr 09, 2012 9:52 pm

In my travels in the Western part of the country possibly Colorado, I obtained an original photograph of a steam engine, flanked by the crew, probably the engineer, station agent, and the station. I barely remember the place where I purchased it. It was a 1930's, 1940's traditional one-story victorian type gabled railroad station at the edge of downtown with an antique shop inside. As far as I know the station was not used anymore for train travel. Actually the station where I bought it might not have any bearing on a clue to the identification, but it could. The print measures about 7" X 5", thin paper, fragile. There are five crewmembers standing in front of the station with one man on the locomotive. The photo was scanned at high resolution into the computer, enhanced, and enlarged. The number on the loco is 9301 on a large round number board on the boiler front, it looks like it has at least two lead wheels, not a large locomotive. By reworking the photo, I can almost make out the signboard hanging in front of the station. It looks kind of like an "M" at the end but can't be sure. Most of the time the name of the town is on the sides of the station wall, but not in this case. Anybody got any ideas?
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