Steam locomotive licensing and certification

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Steam locomotive licensing and certification

Postby CLamb » Thu Dec 25, 2014 2:06 am

In the United States which government agencies are responsible for licensing, testing, and certification of steam locomotives and operators. Are there overlapping rules between the states and the Feds?
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Re: Steam locomotive licensing and certification

Postby Pat Fahey » Sat Dec 27, 2014 11:28 pm

Cab form # 1
Cab form # 1 back
Hi Clamb
I hope I can answer your question , in my 1930 locomotive cyclopedia in accordance with an act of Congress on Feb 17th 1911 , and amended on March 4, 1915 . The monthly locomotive inspection and reports , and the Annual locomotive inspection repair reports fell under the ICC. dealing with form # 1 & form # 3 which were located in the cab of the locomotive on the fireman's side .
Today the same reports fall under the Department of Transportation , Federal Railroad Administration , 49 CFR Part 230 , inspection and Maintenance Standards for Steam Locomotives Effective January 18th 2000.
As for the licensing and certification both these forms must be present in the cab . (e)
Retirement where no service day reports filed.
Where the steam locomotive owner
and/or operator does not file the required service day report for a steam locomotive, that
steam locomotive may be considered retired by FRA. The steam locomotive owner
and/or operator must complete all 1472 service day inspection items to return a retired
steam locomotive to service.
§ 230.19 -- Posting of FRA Form No. 1 and FRA Form No. 3.
FRA Form No. 1.
The steam locomotive owner and/or operator shall place a copy
of the 31 and 92 service day inspection report (FRA Form No. 1), properly filled out,
under transparent cover in a conspicuous place in the cab of the steam locomotive before
the inspected boiler is put into service. This FRA Form No. 1 will not be required for the
first 31 service days following an annual inspection and the posting of an FRA Form No.
3. (See appendix B of this part.)
FRA Form No. 3.
In addition to the FRA Form No. 1, the steam locomotive owner
and/or operator shall also maintain in the cab a current copy of FRA Form No. 3 in the
manner described in paragraph (a) of this section. (See Appendix C of this part.)
I do hope I was of some help in answering your question , Pat
Current FRA locomotive and inspection report
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