Trackside bars in NY state?

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Re: Trackside bars in NY state?

Postby sd80mac » Wed Jan 29, 2014 12:42 pm

MC6853 wrote:
charlie6017 wrote:MacGregor's (former NYC station) at 607 Coldwater Rd in Gates is now closed.....bummer! ... y=obinsite


According to a friend of mine who used to work there, MacGregor's on Coldwater Road was forced to shut down after they failed to ask an underage drink-purchaser for his ID... Apparently wasn't the first time in recent times that this happened, too...

my understanding is that it has been opened again, sometime in Dec or Nov...
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Re: Trackside bars in NY state?

Postby charlie6017 » Wed Jan 29, 2014 1:09 pm

sd80mac wrote:my understanding is that it has been opened again, sometime in Dec or Nov...

You're right! I see on their website ( that Coldwater Rd.
location is indeed open. Thanks for the heads-up! ;-)

~Charlie Ricker
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Re: Trackside bars in NY state?

Postby BR&P » Sun Nov 19, 2017 9:42 am

Yesterday I had to go to Waverly to pick up an amp. Decided to grab lunch before we started back and went to The Railhouse, 366 Broad Street. Nice place, clean, the tracks are just outside the back door. Wife had chicken/bacon quesadillas, I had a bleu cheeseburger, both excellent. Not heavy on railroad decor but they do have some large photos mounted on the walls of the dining room. I meant to check out the bar half, but forgot to do so until after we left. Bathrooms were clean, service was good and cheerful. We would go back. So if you're out chasing and you have time for a more leisurely meal than grababurgerandgo, keep this in mind.

Oh yeah - while we were there, no rail activity. We got back on I-86, headed west and maybe 5 miles or so west of there the NS goes under the highway. Yup - an eastbound was passing under us! Missed it by THAT much! Image
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