Utica NY question - 1979

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Utica NY question - 1979

Postby Cactus Jack » Wed Oct 25, 2017 10:11 am

I almost hate asking this question as I should have the answer, however memory fails and it is something I never wrote down.

Back in late 1979 Conrail did some improvements and work in the Utica area including the interlockings. During that fall for a period of time the Adirondack Railway was operating special trains such as the NYSDOT Hennessey Special to Lake Placid. Both the ADRC and the ex EL jobs (Sherburne Local and Utica Yard job) had to operate to Whitesboro (CP 240?) in order to get to their respective destinations. This might have been associated with the removal of the South Control Siding. I also do not recall if both the ex EL jobs who by now operated out of the PC yard at least equipment wise and the ADRC did this move concurrently or if at slightly different times. Recently on ebay was an image of ADRC 29 with D&H 4075 on CR main #2 at Whitesboro (facing west) with what was probably the Hennessey Special in October 1979. Nowadays I do not recall if that loaded on the CR main at the Utica Amtrak platforms or if the ADRC had their platforms built and it loaded out of there, but in any case it had to run to Whitesboro.

Can anyone remember why these moves took place and any other relevant information ? I recall late one evening it was getting to the point of almost dark and I was driving along Oriskany Boulevard near the Hess Station opposite the ex EL Blue Line and I spotted the headlight and a shadow of a train headed west and knew it to be an ADRC outbound move, but with the near darkness and a rainy evening I never gave chase west. Other than that is a hazy recollection of the EL guys needing a pilot to get down there to back up to Washington Street and access their yard.

Dang if I can remember the flow of the CP's either now from the far east end to Whitesboro. Seems one was taken out in a derailment in circa 1974 that fed Track 6 into the station from the east.

Thanks for any help down the long road of memory lane.
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