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Re: New Hampshire Northcoast Railroad (NHN) Discussion

Postby BandA » Tue May 08, 2018 1:31 pm

There is no way to do a ¨second rebuild¨ and ¨recertify¨ a freight car? 50 years is a long long time, but if they have been continuously maintained to a high standard...
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Re: New Hampshire Northcoast Railroad (NHN) Discussion

Postby Dick H » Mon May 28, 2018 7:39 pm

The NHN had six GP9s at one time, 1755 through 1760. The 1756 was sold to PAR, who reportedly
had plans to make it into a slug. However, they stripped it for parts and scrapped the rest. The
1757 was sold to the 470 club and moved to the Conway Scenic and is currently being parted out
to provide parts to get the former B&M 4268 up and running.

The other four, 1755, 1758, 1759 and the 1760 were sold to the Adrian and Blissfield RR in Michigan,
A bit of searching on the net shows they repainted the 1758 and 1760 into their gray with yellow
stripes paint scheme. They are both in service, along with the 1759, still in NHN colors. As far as
I can determine the 1755 is stored. The ADBN has two other GP9s, 1751 and 1752, both in service.
EMD built 3436 GP9 locos in the US between 1/54 and 12/59 Good to see some 9s still soldier on.
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