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Postby brokenrail » Wed Mar 11, 2015 12:45 am

262 wrote:And also,the DT&I trackage rights,that originally were Springfield,Xeina and Cincinnati via the Little Miami.After the NYC,PRR merger were now run Springfield,Dayton and Cincinnati via the NYC.The DT&I run- thrus I saw in the late sixtys on PRR at Clement Yard,were all TOFC.There are some good threads on the Wellston Sub on the Yahoo B&O Southwestern see,(Carton Siding) and others. One poster that worked the sub says,the Wellston got a real work out right before its abandonment,to detour traffic around Cincinnati in prepairation for the Queensgate Project.

When I was there in '75-'76 DT&I ran Springfield--South Charleston (DT&I), South Charleston--Dayton (PC ex-PRR) via Xenia, Dayton--Cincinnati (PC-ex NYC). I'm guessing that this preferred over the NYC route (that later was used) Springfield--Dayton because of the DT&I yard configuration in Springfield. DT&I trains simply ran trough the Springfield yard and on to S. Charleston where the long time connection to the PRR was used.

I believe that sometime after ConRail DT&I used the most direct route via the old ERIE and NYC via Cold Springs and bypassing Springfield.
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