Canada 1967 Confederation Train

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Canada 1967 Confederation Train

Postby MACTRAXX » Wed Jan 04, 2017 7:56 pm


As many know 2017 is Canada's Sesquicentennial Year (1867-2017) and with many events scheduled for Canada's 150th Birthday this made me think of two major events that
occurred back 50 years ago during Canada's Centennial year of 1967: Expo 67 in Montreal and the Canada 1967 Confederation Train...

The Canada 1967 Confederation Train began its journey in Victoria,BC when it was on display between January 9th and 16th and then in Nanaimo between the 17th and 19th.
The train was on display in two locations in Vancouver: The CP station from the 21st to the 26th and then the CN station from the 27th to February 1st...

The Confederation Train made extended display stops in many of Canada's major cities and towns. The itinerary was from west to east and then ended in Montreal at the
beginning of December 1967. I condensed some information about dates that the train was in each Province:
British Columbia: Until February 20th.
Alberta: February 22nd to March 25th
Saskatchewan: March 27th to April 21st
Manitoba: April 22nd to May 13th
Ontario: May 14-15-16 at Kenora and then across the Province until the 25th of August. The train was in Ottawa (Alta Vista) from July 1st to 6th for Canada Day festivities.
Quebec: August 26th until September 30th - train returns to Quebec on November 10th.
Nova Scotia: October 2nd until the 19th;
Prince Edward Island: October 20 to 23rd at Charlottetown; Summerside on October 24.
New Brunswick: October 26th to November 9th;
Quebec: November 10-11 Rimouski; Thetford Mines: November 13-14-15; Sherbrooke: November 16-19; St.Jean: November 20-23 and Mont Lachine: November 24-27.
The train ended the Centennial Tour at Montreal: November 28-29 at Central Station and then November 30-December 5th at Windsor Station.

There were also 8 Confederation Caravans consisting of tractor-trailers with exhibits which visited 655 locations during 1967 between May 1st until November.

Montreal Expo 67 overview: ... 67_p1.html
The posted "Quebec Heritage News" PDF link is a very good read overall with Expo 67 and
Confederation Train articles.

Does anyone have any Canada 1967 Confederation Train pictures or memories to further add to this topic?

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Re: Canada 1967 Confederation Train

Postby briann » Sat Jan 14, 2017 9:01 pm

If I recall correctly, the locomotive's horns played the first few notes of "Oh Canada."
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Re: Canada 1967 Confederation Train

Postby tjflynn » Wed Jan 25, 2017 10:07 pm

Exactly, the first four notes of O Canada are somewhat akin to a grade crossing signal - two longs, a short, and a long. As far as I know, the horn is still on top of a building in downtown Vancouver, where it's sounded at noon every day. If you'd like to hear it, here's a link to a page with the sound bite. ... nTrain.asp
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