Caltrain new Boise Locomotives

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Caltrain new Boise Locomotives

Postby Jamshid » Sun Sep 19, 2004 2:15 am

Any additional info regarding these three locos, numbered 920,921 and 922 will be appreciated. (Diesel engine type , electrical gear supplier and so on) They were sold too expensive to be overhauled locomotives as they seem.


AMTRAK, methinks...

Postby Komachi » Fri Oct 21, 2005 9:51 pm

Former Amtrak F40PH type locomotives from the looks of it, and I believe they were in the 900 series when sold. Amtrak experts could tell you for sure.
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Postby oleanfuzz » Sat Jan 14, 2006 11:27 am

They look like the F40PH-2C's that MBTA uses, Basically an F40PH-2 on a streteched frame to accomodate a separate cummins HEP motor. It was orignially an EMD design but I believe that Boise made several copies for a few commuter RR's.
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Postby QR National » Fri Jun 16, 2006 7:52 am

I believe the Caltrain units have the gryalights (like the unit behind the first F40). Another spotting feature. (Im more than likely wrong though!)
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